Backcountry skiing
Teardrop trail, Mt Mansfield

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Andrei, Sebastien, Nathan, Catie and Mike went on a day trip to ski the 
Teardrop trail on Mt Mansfield. It's a backcountry ski trail that descends 
the west side of Mt Mansfield, cut just wide enough to link turns.

When asked at the border about food, Mike answered 
"We just have sandwhiches" so Andrei could keep his clementines. 


This was Catie's first time backcountry skiing and first time on tele skis. 
The trail was rough and tracked up but Nathan had a lot of confidence 
in Catie. Andrei, Seb, and Mike wondered if this would turn into a 
relationship breaker. Catie did great skinning up, so this was a good sign.



The skinning was a bit difficult. The small amount of dry snow 
on top of the hard base didn't hold well. Andrei's skins in particular 
were not so good. He even lost his balance while answering 
nature's call, but I wouldn't blame that on the skins.


Nathan and Catie yoyo'd the lower part of the Upper Teardrop trail,
while Andrei, Seb, and Mike continued up. They stopped below the 
summit to eat lunch. Clouds moved in and they were getting cold, so 
they decided to ski down from there. First a quick warm-up on the 
trail beforing heading into the glades. The conditions in the glades 
were tricky. A few  inches of powder on top of breakable crust. 
They managed to crank some good turns.




When they exited the glades at the C.C.C. road, Nathan and Catie were 
heading up the trail for another run. The snow was really coming down.
They caught up to Nathan and Catie and checked out how they were 
doing. Nathan had to the get the feel for old school tele'ing again. Catie 
was using his gear, so he had his old leather boots and Mike's old classic 
cut (80-60-70) lightweight skis. Catie handled the backcountry conditions 
very well. They continued on the Lower Teardrop trail back to the cars.



Andrei, Seb, and Mike headed back into the woods. They got some 
more turns but angled too much to the right (north), ending up at a 
stream. They crossed it but it sucked, so they crossed back, crossed 
again, and crossed back, finally sticking to the south side to follow it out.