X-C ski touring at
Parc de la Jacques Cartier

Steve in alpine touring gear.

Andre and Gigi taking it easy.

Ben on skimpy conditions with skimpy equiupment.

Andre in the pow (and on the rocks).

Fooling around on the ski trail between la Cachee and Camp Mercier.

Tourists on dog sleds.

This is :
a) a seance
b) a group bonding session
c) a drinking game
d) all of the above

Departing from la Cachee.

The ski to le Grand Duc was mostly on road.

It offered great views of the river and the valley.

Steve did well in his alpine gear.

Andrew motored along, as usual.

The view from le Grand Duc cabin.

Checking out the trail from Grand Duc to Camp Mercier.

Steve, Ben, and Andre are :
a) having an icicle fight
b) pretending to be Jedi knights
c) giving a karate demonstration

Katie prays to tbe snow gods.


Andrew takes a nap.

It was snowing heavily on the ski out, 
which often seems to be the case.