Y2K! - New Year's 2000 trip in the Selkirks, Rockies, and Coast Mtns in western Canada. This is a link to Phil's highlights page. For a detailed account of days 0 to 3 start here. Phil's home page is here. My pre-Y2K trip member's page is here.

Orienteering on the MOC trails with Stephanie, March 2000.

Pseudo backcountry skiing at Mont Plante, Val David, Quebec. January 2000.

Skiing with  Lukas at Mt. Shasta, California. January 2000.

Jennifer's MOC cross-country ski school. January 2000.

Biking on le Petit Train du Nord, Shawbridge, Que. November 1999.

MOC Halloween party October 1999:

Climbing with Lukas in Yosemite Nat'l Park, California. September 1999.

Climbing in the Gunks, NY. September 1999.

Biking on the ice bridge and St. Lawrence seaway, Montreal. September 1999.

Climbing at Kamouraska, Que. August 1999.

Advanced rock school at Val David, Que. August 1999.

Skiing, climbing, and hiking in Utah, March 1999.