Mont Kaaikop

Mont Kaaikop is located in the Lanaudiere, 
i.e. the eastern part of the Laurentians. The 
snow in this area normally stays in good shape.

We came once last year and had a so-so time 
picking our way through some just open enough 
areas. There was a crust below a fair amount 
of powder which made the skiiing tricky.



We were expecting better conditions this time because of  
last weekend's snowfall and no expected crust, but it 
turned out the be much worse. We had to deal with a sun 
crust and also spots where we would suddenly sink into 
deep sugary snow. The wost part was that we did not find 
a resonable line this time. There were always saplings in our 
way, catching our skis or poking our faces. Some paragliders 
that we spoke to on top had boasted that their's was the 
better way to get down. They were right.



special feature:

Experience the Laurentians
ski cam


We got some turns when we hit 
the trail near the bottom.

We skied across Lac Legault back to the car 
and completed the day with some poutine.