Chic Choc Mtns
Gaspesie, Quebec

View from the roadside cabins. Lindsay on the trail to Mont Richardson. Max heads up for another run at Champs de Mars. Matt rips down Champs de Mars.

Phil on the Albert plateau 
heads for one of the bowls.
View from on top le Bol des Patrouilleurs at Mont Albert. Phil heads down la Grande Cuve
Amos at one of the 
Mont Albert areas.

On the tour over Mt Jacques Cartier. Ditto. Phil's pvc-tube sled attachment 
system worked well.
Amos' sled wasn't working too well so he decided to carry it. This didn't work out too well either.

Brigitte heads to la Galene cabin.
Mike on HolyFuck (Mt Allen). Amos & Obe at Mines Madeleine. Regrouping after a run at Mines Madeleine.

Cabin near Mt Logan.
Amos looks across the Logan bowl.
Phil on the Logan southside. Sun setting over Mt Logan.