Backcountry skiing
in the Adirondacks

The trip began on a sucky note. I declared my clementines 
to U.S. customs when asked if I had any fruit. I handed over 
the clementines from my food bag. There was one already 
packed in my lunch that I kind of forgot about. 


Nathan set a blazing pace to Marcy Dam. 
Our Ascension skins were gliding extremely well on the packed trail.


The story changed when we got off the beaten track. 
It warmed up to around 0 C this day. 
The snow in the woods was very gloppy. 
Our "hydrophobic" skins were very much liking the snow.



I'll not provide details of where we were skiing or our interpretation 
of the conditions. We spoke to someone later this day who considered 
the conditions to be unsafe and thought that this area might be prohibited. 
We respectfully do not want to encourage others to ski here. 



A view of the run 


and the surroundings.


Here's Nathan linking a bunch of turns.


The key feature in the next clip is the snow covered boulder.


We climbed back up our footpath and traversed through a small section 
of woods to another run. This turned out to be a serious bushwhack.




We should have cut over to the other run part way up. 
We eventually made it and enjoyed another great run. 


The next day we decided on a nice tour around Mt Colden.
Although it was still fairly warm, the new snow and slight 
breeze made it feel wintery again.


We headed up to Lake Arnold


where Nathan celebrated the Chinese New Year
(or maybe he's just weird)


The trail was unbroken above Lake Arnold. 
We kept our skins on to get through the tight twisty trail


but sometimes this still didn't provide enough control.


We crossed a bouncy suspension bridge


skied down some stairs


and enjoyed views of the Opalescent river.



We returned via Lake Colden



and Avalanche Lake.


A group of climbers were enjoying Trap Dike.


The Avalanche Pass slide is clearly marked as prohibited, 
as it should be.