Campbell Icefield Chalet
Apr 9 - 17, 2005

Photos Andrew, Jan, MikeL

D1 : Heli in. Lightbulb/Big Easy + High Col/Big Easy. Some at Saddle/Dome.


D2 : Over the Saddle to Diamond Dust

D3 : Saddle to the Dome. Multiple routes off the Dome.

D4 : East Peak. Jan & Peter backoff Mt Campbell route (questionable snowpack).

D5 : Saddle and Dome down to the lake. New hat day for MikeR.

D6 : Dome to Bluewater Glacier to the lake.

D7 : Lightbulb south side descent. Yet another line down the Dome (no photos).

D8 : Socked in waiting for chopper. D9 : Heli out!